Simple Biodata format with Passport details

Simple Bio-data with Passport Details for foreign job apply. Sometimes we don’t get any idea

to make bio-data so here is the very simple bio-data format which may help you to get any idea form it just copy the format and paste to Ms-Office edit add and enjoy.




Mr. Ramailo Samaj
Contact no.: +977-1835336552
Email: ramailosamaj@gmail.com
Career Objective:
To be a part of an organization that can fully utilize my caliber, enables me implement and expand my knowledge and at the same time provide an intellectually stimulating and nourishing environment facilitating personal and career development.
Personal Information:
Date of Birth :           3rd May 1991
Permanent address :           Butwal 1,Rupandehi, Nepal
Current address :           Tilottama 8,Rupandehi, Nepal
Mother’s Name :           Mrs.XYZ Samaj
Father’s Name :           Mr. ABC Samaj
Gender :           Male
Nationality :           Nepalese
Marital Status :           Unmarried
Religion :           Hindu
Languages known :           Nepali, English, Hindi
Citizenship No :           00000001000
Passport Details:
Passport No :          0000000000
Date of Issue :          19-09-2011
Date of Expiry :           18-09-2021
Place of Issue :           Rupandehi, Nepal
Academic Qualification:
S.N Level School/College Passed year
1 SLC xyz  Boarding Higher Secondary School 2066 B.S
2 +2 ABC  College 2069 B.S
3 BBS GHi Campus Running



1.      Worked as Web Page Development.
Extra Skills:
1.      Innovative, sincere, friendly and hardworking.
2.      Computer Basic Course.



  • Select Copy and Paste to Ms-word or office 2007
  • Edit and what you need


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