How to Set Internet Setting In Ncell Sim card

 How to Set Internet Setting In Ncell Sim card:


Step 1: Activate GPRS in NCELL Sim card

  • Type A and send sms to 900224
  • You will get replay from ncell


Step 2: Send sms and get Internet setting form Ncell

  • Type All and send SMS to 9595 for the necessary setting for
  • Install and surf the internet


Step 3: Manual Configuration

Android Phone/ Tablet

  • Go To:
  • Settings
  • Wireless and Setting
  • Mobile Networks
  • Access Point Names
  • New APN

Step 4: Fill the Setting according to below

  • Name: ncellgprs
  • APN:   web
  • Proxy:
  • Port:
  • MMC: 429
  • MNC: 02
  • APN Type: internet
  • Save
  • Activate the ncellgprs

Its Done Enjoy the Internet


 Bonus Trick:

  • Just flow the Step 3
  • Fill the setting
  • Name: Ncell
  • Apn: default
  • Save
  • And enjoy the internet


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