How to write ukaar in Ms office 2007

How to write ukaar in ms office 2007
You know that in our country nepal all the government work, books, news paper are offered in nepali language even now a day’s web site are also available in Nepali language but nepali typist are rare. They think nepali typing is very difficult but that’s not true if you practice then it will be easier “practice makes a man perfect” so if you practice then you can master it.

To write in nepali language we can use different software like PageMaker, Ms word, word pad etc but mostly using software is Microsoft office Word which is also known as Ms office.

In Ms word you can type in Nepali Language by using neplai font like preeti, kantipur, Himalb, Ganess etc. There are many fonts but most and common using font is preeti and kantipur. to use this font at first you have to install it then only you can use this. installation of font is very easy just copy the font file inside the font folder at control panel.
But some time while typing in Ms word using nepali font ukaar (ु) changes automatically into quotation marks (‘) because of auto correct function in Ms word but new user are unknown about this function and they thinks its a big problem but it is not. It is very simple. To stop ukaar (ु) to quotation mark (‘) you have to change some auto correct function.

To stop auto changing ukaar to quotation marks you have to uncheck ( straight quotes with smart quotes) in auto format tab.


Follow the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft Office 2007
  • Go to left corner top click office logo
  • Word options
  • Proofing
  • Auto correct options
  • Auto format as you type
  • Uncheck straight quotes with smart quotes
  • Click Ok
  • Ok
  • Done


How to remove auto change form Ukaar (ु) to Quotation mark (') in Ms office


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